Northwest Furniture Account


Northwest Furniture (fictional company), a leading high-end furniture retailer, has contracted with the (non-existent) marketing company "Admazing" for paid search marketing services. NW Furniture has six locations in the Pacific NW: Portland, Bend, Eugene, Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. They sell the following major brands: Aireloom, Baker, Councill, Guy Chaddock, Hancock and Moore and Henkel Harris. They sell basic furniture types: sofas, loveseats, dining room tables, chaises, bed frames, armoires, etc. Their competitors are The Furniture Company, Breydn Furniture, and Modern Furniture.

Contract Terms

development and management of paid search campaigns in Google AdWords Term: 12 months
Paid search budget
Sales territory
Oregon & Washington

1. General AdWords Account outline

All campaigns

Search Network
Oregon, Washington (focus on those within 5-10mi of a showroom)
Bid Strategy
Focus on clicks
Ad extensions
Location (to drive customers into stores), Sitelinks (to highlight product pages, brands), and Reviews (if existing)

Campaigns for furniture types

Campaigns Ad Groups
Bedroom Bed Frames, Armoirs, Dressers, Night stands, Vanities
Dining Room Dining tables, Dining chairs, Cabinets
Living Room Sofas, Loveseats, Lounge chairs, Sofa beds, Chaises
Workspace Desks, Deskchairs, Consoles

Campaigns for brands & designers

Campaigns Ad Groups
Aireloom Matresses, Bed frames
Baker Dining tables, chairs, sofas, desks, brand-specific items
Councill Beds, Sofas, Dining Tables, brand-specific items
Guy Chaddock Chairs, tables, brand-specific items
Hancock & Moore Sofas, Chairs, brand-specific items
Henkel Harris Bedroom sets, dining sets, brand-specific items

2. Budget allocation among campaigns

Budget based on the popularity of items or promotions in-store. If NW Furniture is selection-driven, then allocate more to the Furniture type campaigns or vice-versa.

Store sales records/reviews could guide the budget initially, perhaps start with a 60/40 split towards Furniture campaigns.

Furniture campaigns
( ($8000 * 60%) / 30.4 days ) / 3 campaigns = $52 per day per FT campaign
Brand campaigns
( ($8000 * 40% ) / 30.4 days ) / 6 campaigns = $17.50 per day per Brand campaign

Use daily CTR/Analytics data to adjust bids as needed.

3. Example ad group, keywords, and ads

The ads below are written for the "bed frames" ad group under the Bedroom campaign.

Below are possible keywords for the "bed frames" ad group.

  1. bed frames
  2. full bed frames
  3. queen bed frames
  4. king bed frames
  5. high end bed frames
  6. fine bed frames
  7. designer bed frames
  8. modern bed frames
  9. contemporary bed frames
  10. bedroom furniture
  11. high end bedroom furniture
  12. modern bedroom furniture
  13. contemporary bedroom furniture
  14. fine bedroom furniture
  15. designer bedroom furniture
  16. bedroom sets
  17. designer bedroom sets
  18. headboards
  19. footboards
  20. mattress frames
  21. mattress foundations
  22. bed foundations
  23. local bed frames
  24. local bedroom furniture
  25. bed platforms
  26. wooden bed frames
  27. handmade bed frames

4. What about display and remarketing ads?

Given high-quality (read sexy) product photos/information and wish to promote their brands, they would benefit from display ads to reach potential customers. However, since NW Furniture is not seeking name-recognition, they may prefer to stick stick with Search Network ads to bring in ready-to-buy customers.

Remarketing ads could help bring back website visitors who didn’t convert: by using competitor's keywords, remarketing could entice those who began searching alternatives.

5. Google Analytics Strategy: key conversions and variables

Possible conversions: landing on a location info page (perhaps a "Portland Showroom" URL), clicking driving directions link, signing up for mailing list, or viewing other contact info.

Analytics: look at Bounce Rate and Click-Through-Rate. This would give us an idea of whether or not customers are finding the information they need, e.g. a list of brands or store locations.

Examine Average session duration and Pages per session to see if we should focus on improving keywords (low duration and pages per visit) or landing pages (high duration and pages per session).

6. Account structure breakdown: campaigns vs. ad groups & advertising priorities

Since NW Furniture is already a leading high-end furniture store, shift focus to selection of high-end brands and types of furniture available.

Separate campaigns for furniture types (e.g. bedroom, dining room) + each notable brand would capture two types of customers: those interested in one type of fine furniture + those that need to know where to buy a designer piece.

With both campaign approaches, we can bring in users who wish to research styles/brands and those who know what they’re looking for and ready to buy.

Ad groups then break down into specific furniture pieces for each. Example: Both the “Bedroom Furniture” and “Aireloom” campaigns would have specialized “bed frames” ad groups; the Aireloom campaign version would promote only Aireloom bed frames while the Bedroom campaign version would highlight all bed frames.

Bedroom Furniture Campaign example
Aireloom Campaign example

7. Ad strategy: points of emphasis

Main goal: bring customers into the store with ads that are relevant to the keywords. Lead web traffic to information about what furniture or services are available in store since NW Furniture does not deal online. Ad extensions such as Location or Reviews could boost web-to-store conversions.

By promoting the selection of furniture types and information about top-designers with content-rich pages, the user would then be compelled to visit the store and get the unique experience of feeling the product.

8. Proving success: looking at data & potential points of failure

Examine AdWords and Analytics data! See what users are doing after they click on your ads. Analyze CTR for each ad, consider altering or eliminating low-performing ads (see part 11).

One difficulty is that web-to-store conversions are hard to track, and NW Furniture relies on brick-and-mortar sales. Increased web traffic is great, but it may be difficult to tell if that translates into more foot traffic.

9. Excel Ad Report

11. Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance


  • Check budget limits at the campaign level to make sure we’re not overspending
  • Adjust bids for low-performing keywords, check bounce rates and lower bids or pause if necessary


  • Review ads – identify which ad versions have the best CTR and Cost-per-conversion
  • Optimize keywords – research ideas for negative keywords, or keywords to pause that aren’t generating clicks
  • Examine Impression share – ensure we aren’t losing impressions due to our budget settings
  • Test new landing pages


  • Create reports for Keywords and Ads to monitor success, catch anything we missed in the daily/weekly analysis